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The Ultimate Tree Logging Experience with Allison Woolbert


oak treeSome days are computer days for Allison Woolbert as a custom software developer and there there are special days of the year- Tree Logging Days.  These are the days when select trees are carefully chosen to be harvested for the important work of building custom woodworking.

In recent years, a wonderful friend came up to her and asked if she was up for a challenge.  The challenge was a great oak tree that had been struck by lightening and had unfortunately died.  The tree itself was extremely tall as well as wide and needed to be cut down and the wood utilized in the best possible ways.  Always ready for a new challenge and an adventure, Allison agreed and thus the adventure began!  This alo became known as The Great Alice Oak Tree Project!  This magnificent oak beauty was such a gift and over time, has become one of the grandest challenges of her career.

The picture to the left shows Allison cutting down the large trunk portion that measured over five and a half feet across!  This ancient oak was to be memorialized for the family through furniture designs an through other fine woodworking and art.


Since Allison was young, her father trained her in the field of carpentry.  From the time she can remember, a hammer, screwdriver or saw was around in the shop ready to use.  Sometimes this adventure began early in the morning, other times when her father returned from the daily grind at the copper mine.

It was an interesting learning experience for Allison Woolbert on multiple levels and the carpentry and building skills gifted by Alexander Woolbert her father would translate into a multifaceted ability to take construction into everything from cooking, sewing to computer analysis.  The sky was the limit as furniture was built, kitchen cabinets, rockets, pinewood derby cars, tables, chairs, lights, shelves, bookcases and a dozen more items.

As a skilled carpenter from a young age, Allison has always enjoyed woodworking.  From bookcases to entertainment centers to Intarsia raccoons and guitars Allison continues to improve her skills and create unique items within the realm of woodworking.

Since before Allison Woolbert can remember, a hammer was in one hand and a screwdriver in another. Sent out to help her father with whatever project was happening, Allison learned a skill set valued to this day by herself, her family and the many clients that have enjoyed having a fine wood-worked item by Allison Woolbert.