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Business was Booming in Y2K – Allison Woolbert


Allison Woolbert was doing outstanding in the software consulting world in 1999, but suddenly found herself in an upward swing that would have thrilled any entrepreneur. Having recent contracts with Exxon-Mobil, Nabisco and AXA Financial in New York, business was thriving and booming. Performing most of her work from her home office, she was putting in twelve-hour days, sometimes longer to manage it all. It was around that time that she knew she needed to expand and actually hire employees of her own.

Allison had spoken with a couple different mentors to learn the best way to go about hiring new people. She took advice, and landed a contract with a young woman on the other side of the globe in Malaysia. She also gave a couple local young graduates a shot. However, feeling that she wanted to take a chance on a young man who came highly recommended by an old friend, she made plans to move this young graduate from the outskirts of Charlotte, North Carolina to her home in central Jersey.

Brian landed in Newark airport with a large duffel slung over his shoulder and a look of apprehension on his face. “Could this amazing opportunity really be happening for a small-town guy like him?” he wondered. Allison Woolbert promised young Brian that the work would be tough and tedious, and there would be a steep learning curve to bring him up to speed. Brian said he was prepared, and together they worked feverishly to get him on board. It wasn’t long before he began simple coding in the languages Allison instructed, and filled in with other tedious tasks that Allison honestly did not have time to complete. He quickly became her right hand and worked hard for every one of the dollars he was earning.

As the business grew, Allison Woolbert was able to bring a couple others on board. It was never decided exactly how long Brian would stay, but by the close of six months, he and Allison agreed he had mastered enough to return home and work in a local business there, or even spread his wings enough to build his own small business. His forty-dollar an hour salary had put him far ahead of where he ever expected to be. He returned home to his fiance and promised her a house of their own as a wedding present.