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Allison Woolbert – Growing Beyond Hatred.


One of the unfortunate teachings that Allison Woolbert received at a very young age was to disbelieve spiritual ideas that weren’t within the Church of Christ. Allison was told that an honest search of spiritual values was to question God and that deep down, questioning God could be a mortal sin. Although Allison Woolbert was encouraged to ask questions about God, the established rules dictated that core values should not be questioned. If, miraculously, you discovered in your quest that the core values were wrong, incorrect and misleading, you were then subjected to being removed from the congregation until your alleged sin could be rectified. This value of utter intolerance for other religious beliefs and values was strictly enforced.

Imagine what would happen if your whole family believed that a great white fish was the maker of the universe, had appeared to walk on dry land, spoken to you directly, and told you that you were never to sail upon the oceans again. The punishment was that you would be swallowed up and your soul lost for all eternity by a fish that eats your being forever and digests it in its stomach acids. Not understanding the ramification of one small chunk of information would certainly distort your belief. You might destroy all the boats in your neighborhood and banish boat building for fear of the great fish stomach acid bath. Absurd, you may say? I would have to agree wholeheartedly with you. However, some Christian denominations have invented their own fearful characters to such fictitious fears driven by distortions and twists of truth. This is the land of Oz where I grew up. A book written by men who plagiarized written and cultural histories for a small group of planetary citizens that claimed to be the sole chosen race of the Only True God. The myths and fantasies continue.

Intolerance of others based upon a faith belief system is nothing short of hypocrisy in action. It categorically established a faith based on not the mutual exchange and consideration of information and views, but instead provides a battleground for each of us to pit our truths and distortions against one another.

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